Right static analysis with embedding systems

Industrial PC Solution, gaming platform, networking appliance

Industrial PC Solution, gaming platform, networking appliance

About Embedded System:

Static analysis is a development testing activity with the potential to go far beyond simply checking code. When used as part of a policy-driven defect prevention strategy, static analysis can drive a software engineering team’s productivity and minimize fiscal, legal, and ethical risks associated with potentially faulty code. The reason more organizations do not realize the benefits of static analysis, however, is that it’s often homogeneously deployed as a tool for “finding bugs.” But the truth is that there are different implementations of static analysis that serve different purposes in the development process. And while it’s a foregone conclusion that software engineers should run static code analysis, the proper implementation of the right technologies is the difference between wasting time and money and reaching new software development heights.

refer to: http://embedded-computing.com/articles/getting-leveraging-right-static-analysis/

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