Fanless System 915GME Pentium M Chipset Gaming System

Industrial PC ,gaming platforms ,networking applications

Industrial PC ,gaming platforms ,networking applications

Fanless and Dustproof Pentium M Gaming System ACE-S5290FL

features such as:


• Smart Card Reader
• Door Open Intrusion Logger
• Specially Configured Communication Interfaces Specific to the Comma 6A  Regulation
   The ACE-S5290FL also includes other Gaming specific features such as:
• JAMMA and 72-Pin Golden Finger Input/Output Interfaces
• Dual Display Capability
• iButton and ProtectU Security Solutions
• ccTalk Device Compatibility
• Hardware Random Number Generator
• Pre-Built API and Driver Sets for Easy Development
• 512KB Battery Backed Non-Volatile SRAM
• Optional reel mechanism controller
All together the ACE-S5290FL is the perfect Logic PC for multiple gaming applications. Using the Intel 915GME Chipset which supports both Pentium M and Celeron M Processors, the ACE-S5290FL system provides the perfect balance of both cost and performance.



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